What Matters Most

family priorities Apr 07, 2020

"For where your treasure is, there will your heart be also."

- New Testament

In times of trial and challenge, as human beings, we tend to cling to and protect the things that are most precious in the world to us.

Our "treasures".

When that happens, a lot of former MUST-haves lose their importance and we become more focused on the fact that often the simplest things in the world bring us the greatest amount of joy and happiness.

We ALL suffer devastating personal losses over the course of time. No one is exempt. (No matter how much we fool ourselves into thinking that some people have perfect lives). And, that suffering can come in a variety of untidy and unpleasant packages.

Very rarely, however, do we experience loss like we are now - collectively - as a world-wide community.

As difficult as this has been, and will continue to be, (at least for the near future), I have also seen some amazing things happen:

  • Organizations all over the world are choosing collaboration over competition in order to solve global problems
  • Corporations are pivoting to better serve their employees and clients
  • Strangers are putting the needs of others before their own
  • Neighbors are singing to each other from balconies
  • Friends and family members, long-estranged, are reconnecting and forgiving
  • Human beings are actually being more human

Imagine that...

During these challenging times, what lessons have you learned about what YOU treasure most?

When life is hard, what do you turn to?

Where are you spending your time and mental energy?

If you don't like the answers to those questions, there's no better time than right now to change! You've got to stay inside and slow down anyway. You have the perfect excuse (if you ever needed one) to make some adjustments - no matter how large or small.

I don't know about you, but instead of saying things like, "maybe later, but right now, Daddy's got to work", I'm trying to embrace the opportunity of focusing on what's really important in my life.

Here's some proof, by the way!


Who knew playing "haircut" could be so much fun?

(Don't knock it until you try it!)

For whatever it's worth, I personally remain optimistic that we will overcome the challenge of this global pandemic relatively soon and that life will find a way to (somewhat) normalize.

But when the dust finally settles - and it eventually will - I truly hope that the lessons that we've learned through the process of simplifying our lives and focusing more on what what matters most will stick around a lot longer than the pandemic itself.

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