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Color Code Virtual Workshops Are Delivered by Jeremy Daniel, Vice President of Training.


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Our LIVE, Virtual Workshops are Customized for  YOUR Group Specifically

Workshop Basics

We’ll cover topics such as the four Color Code Personality Types, and how to read people and communicate more effectively by learning to "speak their language." Our virtual workshops are typically around 90-minutes long, and they're packed with highly engaging discussion. This is one meeting where attendees won't be scrolling on their phones!

Done Your Way!

Our top priority is that your desired objectives are met or exceeded. Prior to the event, we spend time with you on the phone to identify content and get to know the dynamics of your team. This will help us deliver an event that will have a lasting impact on your organization. Get ready to throw all your preconceptions about virtual meetings out the window!

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“In ten years we had never even considered offering an online program… Knowing how difficult it is for us to sit through a one-hour weekly staff meeting on Zoom, we were beyond skeptical on how well an all-day workshop would go over!

We were beyond thrilled with the results! The results were stellar, and we are so thankful to you and all you did to make the workshop both informative and engaging.”

Diana V. Clemson University

Lead the Way by Helping People Stay Focused on the Right Things

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Team Building in a Virtual Environment

We work in an increasingly global setting, but we can help you bring people together through technology, shared learning, and your leadership.

These sessions are fast-moving, memorable, relevant, and highly interactive. Since we're live, the group can ask questions and even participate in team building activities.

Virtual Workshops are also only about 25% of the cost of onsite, Color Code events!

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Think Differently

The Color Code System is very unique in the marketplace. It utilizes the only personality assessment that identifies Driving Core Motives. Most other assessments strictly identify your behavioral patterns, and stop there. In other words, the Color Code helps you to understand WHY you do what you do as opposed to simply observing what you do.