What have we learned so far?

happiness teamwork May 05, 2020

"If we always helped one another, no one would need luck."

- Sophocles

The last couple of months of 2020 have been challenging, to say the least.

I don't say that lightly. Millions of people around the world have suffered significantly. Lives, health, employment, stability, hope - and more - have been completely lost or irreparably compromised for so many. Our hearts ache for them, and they have our deepest sympathies and condolences.

On a much smaller scale, most people in the world have been affected in one way or another. Here are a few things that I have personally witnessed:

  • A close friend of mine has lost hours of sleep agonizing over having to lay off employees as clients have closed accounts.
  • My oldest daughter and her high school classmates of 2020 have had rites-of-passage types of events such as prom and graduation cancelled.
  • Individuals with special needs (including another one of my daughters) have lost most of their daily routines and structure. They are feeling very unstable and they (and their families) are suffering... out of sight.
  • People are wondering how they are going to pay their mortgages, rents, or take care of even more basic needs... like food.
  • Some members of older generations who are still in the workplace and/or serving publicly have struggled to find new purpose while in isolation. Many are lonely.
  • People are scared and worried about what the future might look like and want to know how long this will last.


Even amid these challenges, I believe there are many great lessons that we have learned about ourselves thus far in 2020.

People. Matter. Most.

Far more important than "stuff", or even lifestyle, are the people we surround ourselves with in life. Even if life takes a sharp, unexpected turn and we lose everything that we consider to be "normal," as long as we have our people, our relationships, (and stockpiles of toilet paper, apparently...) we can "find the happy" in whatever comes our way.

Sometimes the best things in the world are free

We can get so caught up in thinking that if we can just acquire/obtain "X, Y, or Z" our lives will be so much better! We'll FINALLY be happy!!!

I know you don't think that way all the time, but every now and then, most people bite off on the lie that if we could just have a little "more," we will be happier. But that's not true.

The simple things in life have re-emerged as the source of true happiness. A quick call to tell someone you care makes you feel great. A walk or a bike ride with a friend is suddenly as much fun as it was when you were a kid. Home-cooked meals and board games are back and better than ever!

...And small acts of kindness are anything but small.

Sometimes to speed up, you need to slow down

It is easy to get caught up in the thick of thin things. It's easy to put that which is essential - like our own physical health or the health of our relationships - on the back-burner, because we're just too busy.

Sometimes when we slow down, we realize what we've been missing all along. Taking time for meditation, prayer, reflection, etc., is not only healthy - it's essential. We see more clearly. Our minds are more focused. We are actually more productive when we are calm.

Sacrifice is the shortest path to perspective

Sometimes you don't realize the value of something until you no longer have it.

The COVID pandemic will pass and life will eventually normalize. We should all take stock of the things we are grateful for now so that we don't take them for granted in the future.

We need each other

Not one of us has ALL of the gifts and tools that are required to succeed, but if we come together as a team, we can leverage our collective genius to find all that we need and more.

And while the pandemic lasts, I hope that:

Reds continue to provide leadership and focus
Blues keep us connected and remind us to serve each other more abundantly
Whites help us keep a cool head, be patient, and embrace the merits of simplicity
Yellows help us find joy in the journey and keep our spirits full of optimism and enthusiasm

The truth is, we are strong, we are resilient, we are capable, and we will continue to boldly march forward.

Together, we WILL overcome our current challenges, and perhaps we will take these lessons with us far into the future.

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