All Life Is About Relationships

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Life can be puzzling. People can be puzzling. But above all, your relationships can be most puzzling.

Do you wonder why some people are so easy to love, work for, and befriend, while constant effort is required to build and maintain a healthy relationship with others? What part do you play in making the relationships in your life work?

Every Relationship Begins With You

The Power of YOU

Who are you? Do you really understand why you think and behave as you do? Imagine the power of truly knowing yourself, what motivates you, and how you impact the relationships in your life.

The Color Code is the most revolutionary and ACCURATE measurement of your personality available on the market today, and Color Code Classroom designs courses to help you learn how to apply the insights of the Color Code in your life.

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Improving Your Relationships Wherever You Are

Stream on All your Devices

There are many ways to learn about the Color Code; through online courses, virtual workshops, or in-person events.

Our online classes can be viewed on any type of computer or mobile device. Simply find a class that interests you, purchase it, and it will be available to you right away - anywhere you go!

Color Code Classroom offers courses that help you create more success internally, with your friends and family, in your love life, and even in your career. 

Once You've Learned The Color Code You Will Never See Yourself Or Others The Same Again

Relationships impact every area of your life. No matter how high your IQ, if you can't relate well with others, you will be limited.

And, to improve your relationships, you have to understand yourself first!

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What People Are Saying About The Color Code...

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Kirk L.

Since learning about The Color Code, I have been blessed with great insight into the personalities I have to deal with on a day-to-day basis. I have been able to use these new found abilities to my benefit when dealing with people in the business world.

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Cindy C.

With these tools, any person can gain a much deeper understanding of innate personality and character and then use that understanding as a tool for growth and fulfillment.

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Ira M.

These professional philosophies are uniquely easy to understand and simple to follow, which is a rare quality in today’s complex world. The Color Code represented for me, as I suspect for many others, a simple blueprint for guidance through the uncharted waters of life.

What Companies Are Saying About The Color Code...

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Toni B., Nordstrom

The Color Code is far and away the most popular of the programs we offer to new managers. In all my years of training, I have not come across any other personality-profiling program that is better than The Color Code. It is simple and easy to remember, a must with today’s busy manager.

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Roger J., Martin J. Jaska, Inc.

The Color Code teaches us how to help our employees become more effective and productive so they can make a difference in the company. This powerful, revolutionary theory will change the way businesses hire, fire, and educate employees. I cannot recommend this work highly enough.

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Scott S., Zenger Miller

Interpretation of these Color Code findings then makes it easier to communicate both verbally and in writing. I have found that in my organizational and business dealings, the relationships that I have formed have been enhanced greatly because of Color Coding.