The Power of YOU: Understanding Your RED Personality Type

Did you score as a RED on the Color Code Personality Test?

If so, this course has been designed specifically for you!

Learn all about your own Red Personality Style in-depth
so that you can understand how to:

  • Know what MOTIVATES you to do what you do
  • Invest in yourself so that you can create your life more purposefully
  • Excel more proficiently in your career by understanding how to work with and lead others
  • Build lasting and meaningful friendships, and
  • Improve your relationships with the people you love the most

Relationships impact every area of your life.

No matter how high your IQ, if you can't relate well with others,
you will be limited.

And, to improve your relationships, you have to work on yourself first!

This course is designed to help you use your unique
Red Personality to create success in all areas of your life.

Here's what's included:

  • 7 Video Modules taking you through the following topics:

    1. Course Overview
      • Introduction to key principles
    2. Color Code Basics
      • Why did you have to take the personality test based off of what you were like... as a child?
      • What makes the Color Code different from other personality tests?
      • What is your Driving Core Motive and how does it impact your life?
      • What are the other 3 Colors motivated by?
      • What are the parts of your personality that make you unique among Reds?
    3. Your Red Personality Style
      • Your thinking style & natural talents
      • What are your psychological triggers?
      • Identify some of your natural strengths and limitations:
        > As an Individual
        As a Friend
        As a Career Person
        As a Committed Companion
      • How to leverage your Red Personality for major GROWTH!
    4. Do you have a SECONDARY Color?
      • Different types of Red scores
      • Are you a "Purist"?
      • Ways to identify your Secondary Color
      • Overviews of each of your potential Secondary Color combinations:
        > Red with Secondary Blue
        > Red with Secondary White
        > Red with Secondary Yellow
      • Pros and Cons of Secondary Colors
    5. Relating to Others
      • Understanding who you are connected to
      • How to build effective relationships with each of the four Color Code Personality Styles
    6. Creating Change
      • How do you continue improving from here?
      • Key principles of personal and professional growth
    7. Congratulations!
      • Daring to dream
      • Making the most of your life
      • Believing in yourself

Other Features Include:

  • Access from all of your devices
  • 3 Personal Development Worksheets to help guide your growth
  • 30-Day, 100% Satisfaction Guarantee
  • Comments section: ask us anything!

Take control of your relationships and your life.

Discover the Power of YOU and your Red Personality Style today!


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