Color Code Immersion: The Complete Online Workshop (Covers ALL Personality Types)

Did you know that your ability to communicate, understand, connect with, and relate to others is far more important to your success and your happiness in life than just about anything else?

It's true!

Adopting strategies to develop your own sense of self-awareness and improve your daily interactions with others is the key to taking your personal and professional life to the next level.

That is what this course is all about. It utilizes the framework of The Color Code/People Code to help you:

  • Comprehend the four, Motive-based, Color Code Personality Types (even the ones that are most unlike you)
  • Discover how to inspire others to take action more readily by "speaking their language"
  • Read people more easily and accurately
  • Gain Emotional Intelligence related insights to help enhance your personal connections as well as your professional performance
  • Learn how to more readily understand, accept, and interact with others

Let's talk about what this means for YOU specifically...

If you think about the relationships you experience in your life with people like:

  • Your love interest
  • Those you work with (e.g., your boss, co-workers, employees, clients, etc.)
  • Your parents/siblings
  • Your children
  • Friends
  • Teammates
  • Neighbors
  • Etc.

Would you agree with the observation that most of the time, these people can be the greatest source of JOY AND/OR the greatest source of PAIN and HEARTACHE in your life?

The Color Code Immersion Workshop is specifically designed to give you the tools and insights you need to better navigate those very relationships right NOW and for the rest of your life so that you can make the most of all of your personal and professional connections.

This course is presented direct-to-camera by Color Code's lead trainer, Jeremy Daniel, who has consulted with VIP clients all over the world for the last two decades.

There are a total of 8 Video Modules in this course. Each module is designed to enhance your ability to work with the people and relationships all around you. You will learn:

  • How to change your life by becoming more powerFUL (as opposed to being powerless) in each of your relationships
  • Why other people do what they do and how to better relate to all of them
  • How to build teams and personal relationships by understanding the specific strengths and limitations of each of the four Color Code Personality styles
  • How to connect with people on a real and meaningful level
  • What exactly TO do and NOT to do when working with each of the Color Code personalities
  • How to quickly and accurately identify somebody's type without the online assessment
  • How to communicate on a much higher level
  • How to lead others with increased confidence, and
  • How to be a better person everyday!

Traditionally, Color Code has offered this program only to private groups who have paid thousands of dollars per session to have it presented.

Today, YOU can gain access to this same, life-changing workshop for a fraction of the price for just three monthly payments of $177.

- OR -

Register with only one payment of $497, and save an extra $34!

The Color Code Immersion Course is an opportunity to attend a complete Color Code Workshop Online!

Learn how to crack the "People Code", so that you can understand the personalities all around you and make the most of your relationships!

Additional Course Features Include:

  • Access from all of your devices
  • 4 Personal Development Worksheets to help guide your growth
  • 30-Day, 100% Satisfaction Guarantee
  • Comments section: ask us anything!

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